Garage Door Operator RUN 500 Accu


Operator for up-and-over and sectional doors

Suitable for garage doors up to 8 m²

Clearly arranged 3-button programming

Combinable with all rail systems by TORMATIC

Battery exchange operation, recharging the Accu-Pack by using a 230 V charging device is possible

While battery operation the accumulator will be charged by the integrated charge controller

Battery Backup, continuation of operation in case of power failure, suitable for problematic electricity networks

Connecting line to the Accu-Pack approx. 2 m

Smooth running due to ramp function

Charge of battery can be read out


Push and pull force

400 N

Supply voltage

12 V DC

Power consumption at work

160 W

Power consumption at rest

n. a.

Running speed

13 cm/sec.

Duty cycle

30 % ED


0.4 W LED

Accessories Garage Door Operators

Hand transmitter MAX 43-2
2-channel hand transmitter, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code

Auxiliary accumulator for Novomatic 413 Accu

Push button DigiCode Premium
Metal keyboard, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code

Solar module
For Novomatic 413 Accu, incl. fastening bracket

Emergency release with profile cylinder
For double-leafed doors, sliding overhead and sectional garage doors

Delta Dore Set
Gateway with LAN connection, receiver module to plug in the operator

Fitting for sectional doors
For sectional doors with a slat height of 360 - 565 mm

Delta Dore Modul
Module to plug in the operator