Garage Door Operator BLACK 1200


Operator for heavy doors

Suitable for underground car parks up to 50 parking spaces, industrial sectional gates and special solutions

Clearly arranged 3-button programming

Combinable with all rail systems by TORMATIC

Rapid action function up to 24 cm/sec.

Smooth running due to ramp function

High-class Door-Select-Function

Traffic light control A 800 III can be retrofitted


Push and pull force

1000 - 1200 N

Supply voltage

230 V / 50 Hz

Operating current

2 A

Power consumption at work

450 W

Power consumption at rest

< 4 W

Running speed

17 - 24 cm/sec.

Duty cycle

30 % ED


1.6 W LED

Encryption technology

AES 128-Bit

Radio control

433 MHz,

KeeLoq rolling code

ACCESSORIES Garage Door Operators

Hand transmitter BLACK Remote
3-channel hand transmitter, 433 MHz, with KeeLoq rolling code, AES

Push button DigiCode Premium
Metal keyboard, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code

Design micro transmitter
2-channel hand transmitter in carbon optics, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code

Emergency release with profile cylinder
For double-leafed doors, sliding overhead and sectional garage doors

Hand transmitter MAX 43-2
2-channel hand transmitter, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code

Fitting for sectional doors
For sectional doors with a slat height of 360 - 565 mm

Hand transmitter MAX 43-4
4-channel hand transmitter, 433 MHz, KeeLoq rolling code