402 CBC


Electro-hydraulic 230 V overground hinged gate operator

Suitable for gates with a maximum gate leaf width of 1.80 m and a max. door weight of 250 kg

For the private area as well as small trades and businesses

Silent mode

Power can be adjusted separately with the valves for open/close positions

High-quality, wear-resistant hydraulic system

Optionally: Obstacle detection with Savecoder


Push and pull force

5000 N

Operation area

Private and small trade

Power consumption

220 W

Opening time for 90°

20 sec.

Maximum gate leaf width

1.80 m

Maximum door weight

500 kg



Further functions

Soft Start / Soft Stop

Accessories Hinged Gate Operators

Reciever E43-I
For KeeLoq and Multibit, with 1 relay output, records 99 codes, without housing

Light barrier LS 5F
Extra 626, operating distance 8 m

Control Unit E 145
For 400, 402 and 750 operators, in housing ECO, Soft Stopp, 230 V AC / 50 Hz, operation mode: semi-automatic, automatic, safety, automatic, step mode, motor running time and break time programmable, shear force adjustable