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TORMATIC has been a member of the Bundesverband Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik. Tore e.V.  (Federation of Drive and Control Engineering. Doors), abbreviated to BAS.T for short, for many years. Last year, the new BAS.T Seal of Quality was launched as an explicit indicator for highest quality and safety standards.

In February 2018, our garage door operators type BLACK 600 and BLACK 800 went through the certification program and were awarded with the BAS.T Seal of Quality.

„Our products reflect our high quality standards. The certification means for us no-holds-barred safety “, said Michael Hamacher, Head of Sales and Marketing.



From 27 February to 3 March 2018, the R+T 2018 in Stuttgart – the world's leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection systems – was definitely at its best. 1,027 exhibitors from 41 countries packed the entire exhibition area in the ten Messe Stuttgart halls. Over 65,500 visitors from Germany and abroad were delighted by the high innovation capacity of products and services on exhibition.

TORMATIC once again attended the successful trade fair and presented itself as a system provider for operator and control solutions both for the residential as well as for the commercial sector.

„In the garage door operator sector the increasing importance of the new market trends in all aspects of smart home can be observed. By using our new Delta Dore system the operator can be controlled by app. In addition the system can be extended to include numerous components like light switches or cameras.” explained Volker Klute, Technical Sales / Key Account.

Besides operators for garage doors and yard gates there were presented solutions for industrial applications like control units for industrial doors and dock levelers. However, the main focus was on the i-Control system to reduce heating costs for industrial buildings.

„In general we are very satisfied with our presence at the trade fair and we are looking forward to the next R+T 2021.“ said Michael Hamacher, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Introduction of the BAS.T Seal of Quality


The Bundesverband Antriebs- und Steuerungstechnik. Tore e. V. (Federation of Drive and Control Engineering. Doors), abbreviated to BAS.T for short, made it its business to establish an explicit and transparent seal of quality in the market. As a member of the BAS.T, the TORMATIC team participated in the official introduction of the BAS.T Seal of Quality in the BAS.T Test Center in Kalbach. „It is the whole purpose to make the maze of certificates more transparent and to design added value. We are currently initiating the certification program of our new operator series BLACK“, explained Michael Hamacher, Head of Sales and Marketing.

The BAS.T Seal of Quality exclusively stands for products, which meet all legal and normative requirements. Furthermore, the certified products offer additional characteristics, which move beyond current standards. By doing so, the authorized dealers are able to offer products, which are awarded with the BAS.T Seal of Quality. These products offer added value with respect to safety, reliability and sustainability. The BAS.T Seal of Quality furthermore protects the dealers from liability claims and helps the customers to decide. „We would like to show our customers that we put effort into the settlement of quality and safety claims“, said Volker Klute, Technical Sales / Key Account.

Solely products, which meet the requirements of the BAS.T Quality Committee and go through the certification program, may be awarded with the BAS.T Seal of Quality.

Periodical examinations guarantee that the quality of the products will meet all the above-mentioned requirements - even the future.



Minimize the loss of air infiltration on industrial buildings with the intelligent i-Control system and save energy, heat and costs.

Visiting the zoo for a good cause



The zoo in Dortmund as well as other cultural institutions are reliant on donations. Due to this, TORMATIC is supporting the zoo with an animal sponsorship. The animal concerned is a female panther. She is a South American jaguar, the world‘s third largest predator.

„The black panther is our testimonial. Furthermore, TORMATIC is located in Dortmund and we are looking forward to supporting a local institution. This sponsorship enables the zoo to cover a part of the food expenses“, explained Johannes Theile (Purchasing), while visiting the panther.


Organizational change in the management of tormatic


We informed you a few weeks ago that the management of Novoferm tormatic GmbH was expanded by Mr. Norbert Dyx. In the last weeks, Mr. Dyx led the company together with Mr. Glanz.

Now, we would like to inform you that the cooperation between Mr. Glanz and the Novoferm Group is terminated.

Mr. Dirk Gößling will join TORMATIC’s management board with immediate effect. He will lead the company together with Mr. Dyx. Mr. Gößling will take over the areas Production, Purchasing, Quality and Development. In addition to the areas Sales and Marketing, Mr. Dyx will be responsible for further administration functions.

Mr. Gößling has been holding different leading positions within the Novoferm Group and will take over the new function in addition to his current position as Chief Supply Chain Officer of the Novoferm Group.

Expansion of the management board of tormatic


We would like to inform you that we are expanding the Management board of Novoferm tormatic GmbH with Mr. Norbert Dyx with immediate effect.

In future, Mr. Dyx and Mr. Glanz will lead the company together.

At Novoferm tormatic GmbH, Mr. Dyx will take over the responsibility for Marketing and Sales. Our Head of Marketing and Sales, Mr. Hamacher, and his team will report to Mr. Dyx.

Since 11 years, Mr. Dyx has been holding different leading positions within the Novoferm Group and will take over the new function in addition to his current position as Managing Director of Novoferm Vertriebs GmbH.

The goal of this action is to strengthen international synergies between the Novoferm companies with regard to the operator technology. Furthermore, the growth strategy of the brand TORMATIC, which has been started successfully, should be pursued and extended.



On the occasion of the Deutsche Mittelstands-Summit, TORMATIC was awarded the “TOP 100” Seal as one of Germany’s most innovative SME on 24th June. “TOP 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar presented the award to TORMATIC for the second time.

„Our new product developments should stand out from common standard solutions and offer additional value for our customers”, explains Michael Glanz. With regard to this aim, a new sphere of competence was built for innovations, which coordinates all innovation processes of the Novoferm Group.

The new TORMATIC headquarter in Dortmund includes a modern training center with neighboring test and technology center. Here, our developers swap idea and test new product developments. The focus is on general innovations like for example the Internet of Things as well as the customization of technology and design.

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The course is set. Novoferm tormatic plans top cooperation with the Hadi Teherani Group.

The Hadi Teherani Group with its headquarter in Hamburg is one of the most prominent German agencies for architecture and design, which also won several international awards.

„We would like to connect people emotionally to their home“, Michael Glanz and Hadi Teherani do not only agree with each other concerning this matter. „Aesthetics, design, emotion – these aspects are essential. However they have been mainly neglected in our branch“, explains Michael Glanz. „The Novoferm Group will partake in the synergy effects. We are looking forward to an creative exchange of ideas, which will significantly support and accompany our projects.“



The Japanese cherry blossom is one of the most important symbols in the Japanese culture. It stands for beauty and new beginnings. The blooming season is the highlight of the Japanese calendar and the beginning of spring.

„As we are a member of Novoferm and are thus a member of the Japanese SANWA Group, the Japanese culture is of particular importance. The Japanese cherry tree is the perfect symbol for a successful future“, explained Michael Glanz, Managing Director of TORMATIC and broke ground together with Mr Yasushi Takayama (Executive Vice-President, Sanwa Holdings Corporation), Mr Hiroatsu Fujisawa (Managing Executive Officer, Sanwa Holdings Corporation) and Mr Rainer Schackmann (Managing Director, Novoferm Group).



By moving into the new innovation flagship located at Eisenhüttenweg 6, we stay with infrastructure not only to the established business location in Dortmund, but also an important part of our corporate company culture. Because of the movement to new ultra-modern building also spatially crowns our “beginning of a new era”.

Innovation, high customer satisfaction and sustainable growth are paramount for our daily activities and also the driving force behind market-revolutionary concepts in the operator market in future.

We are pleased to welcome you in our new home and to start with you into a new era.



Success as a result of entrepreneurial vision: On the occasion of the Deutsche Mittelstands-Summit, TORMATIC will be awarded the “Top-100” Seal as one of Germany’s most innovative SME on 26th June. “Top-100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar will present the award to this Dortmund-based company. The Seal has been awarded for over 20 years. Before, Novoferm tormatic had subjected to a two-step scientific check.

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